AMAZ is an active Greek company in designing a production of womenswear which provides a wide network of wholesale.
The company through the brands of MY T wearables, Fourminds, Black&Balck, August and Pearl & Caviar, offer complete lines which satisfy every modern woman with a different style depending on her mood.

The fashion brands of AMAZ, were established to serve the needs of women’s daily attire with the most stylish and unique way.
Personal style and Dynamism were not side tracked.

Collections successfully responded to the multiple roles of a woman from morning to night taking into account the diverse circumstances. Passion for style, obsession with detail and high quality fabrics has been imprinted with ease in our company’s philosophy.
The diverse collection of our company is definitely a must-have piece in every woman’s wardrobe.

With the main objective of complete service of your needs we faithfully serve the Greek and International fashion. We innovate, design, dare and set increasingly high standards in the world of fashion and the modern lifestyle.